Halloween Candy Alternatives Kids will Love

Halloween is a struggle for so many reasons.  My two eldest girls don’t LIKE candy.  In fact, I’ve never had to hide candy from them, we get home and pass it all out to the kids coming to our door.  My youngest is a candy hoarder.  I’ve found candy between her mattresses and in her shoes.  The bag I pour out and ration out to her over a period of time then it gets donated.  But I realize that I’m very lucky.  Lucky that my kids don’t have allergies to worry over or feelings that make the act of trick or treating very painful.  Let’s be kind during Halloween!


Halloween Candy Alternatives Kids will Love

#1  Mini Slime Containers

#2 Lip Whistles

#3 Foam Gliders

#4 Paratrooper Action Figures

#5 Animal Erasers

#6 Slap Bracelets

#7 Pull Back Racing Cars

#8 LED Finger Lights

#9 Light Up Flashing Bracelets

#10 Light up Bump Rings