Have you BOO’d anyone?

Boo your friends and family

The excitement on the face of my kids when they open the door to see a boo bucket on the porch is priceless! This simple act of kindness is small, but one that brings so much joy to people. Our neighborhood has kids ranging in ages, so we enjoy booing neighbors in addition to friends and family too.

It may seem a little extra and one more thing to add to your already packed calendar, but the extra happiness it brings is worth it.

Creating a Boo Bucket (or bag) can be as simple or ornate as you would like, it’s about the excitement and mystery. Keep it simple by just dropping a treat or two or go all out and fill a bucket with fun and festive treats.

You can find affordable treats and goodies at the dollar store, Target, Walmart, or even H-E-B and Kroger’s. These Boo Buckets do not have to be elaborate by any means. Just enough to put a smile on the faces of those you choose to Boo.

Suggestions for when you BOO our neighbors (without children) are: savory seasonal snacks, coffee or tea, themed napkins, sweet treats, baking or soup mixes, and anything else we can find that would bring fun and cheer to their home.

Suggestions for our younger friends are seasonal candy or cookies, glow sticks, coloring pages, window clings, bubbles, baking mixes, apple cider or hot cocoa, and arts & crafts. I normally grab an inexpensive Halloween bucket and package everything in there.

We’ve created a printable of a note and sign to help you BOO your friends in style. CLICK HERE FOR PDF.

Deerly Designed

A local business-woman is creating Boo'd & Boozy options for purchase through her Etsy store. Check them out! Be sure to follow her on Facebook too.